The Institute Resources and Facilities:

Medical clinic:
Our Institute is concerned about each Trainee's overall well being. As such, one of the services provided is an on-campus health clinic that meets the normal day-to-day health needs of our trainees, and at the same time, it is capable of dealing with any medical emergency through ambulance services. The fully equipped clinic is operated by a medical doctor and a nurse.

Cafeteria :
The 700 square meters cafeteria is open during the working hours of 7 am to 6 pm, serving a variety of nutritional meals and snacks.

Library :
The Library provides educational resources and services to staff and trainees to meet the demands of different programs offered at the Institute. In addition, it also has an electronic teaching section equipped with tables and chairs for reading and research. Its total area is 700 square meters.

Mosque :
The Institute provides a spacious mosque on campus along with its utilities area.

Auditorium :
The Institute auditorium is a multipurpose hall. It is used for graduation ceremonies, public events, general examinations and other similar functions. It includes audio-visual equipment and a projection screen. Its total area is 916 square meters.

Car Parking :
The Institute provides an adequate parking for staff, trainees and visitors.