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Registration is open at the National Institute of Technology (Saudi Arabia, Western Region)

The National Institute of Technology provides training programs qualify the student for a high technical diploma certified internationally which ends with secured employment for the following majors:

Student Financial Reward: Trainee gets a monthly reward of not less than 2,500 riyals. After training completion, the employee gets a monthly salary starts from 6,440 riyals

Conditions and Procedures for Acceptance 

  • The Applicant must be of Saudi nationality.
  • He shloud be less than 25 years.
  • He must have a high school diploma.
  • He should have a general aptitude test from by the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education no less than 60.
  • He is not enrolled in the General Organization for Social Insurance, and if registered, he must bring a model (extended certification statement and joint wages) which shows the date of leaving the last facility before the start of the study.
  • He should have a test to determine the professional orientation through Visiting the site of The Human Resources Development Fund
  • He must pass the personal Interview
  • He must pass the medical exam

The applicant who fulfills the above conditions has to fill the online application with precision and honesty, and bear all the consequences of any error. The submission of applications is through the website only.

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Before filling the online registration, Kindly note the following:

  • Be sure to read all instructions and conditions for admission.
  • Ensure the availability of all data needed in the application:
  1. The National ID nubmber which has 10 digits
  2. The highschool certifcate
  3. The general aptitude test (Qiyas) Number and its score.
  4. The date and registration number to the test of professional orientation. The applicant must take the test on the website Human Resources Development Fund and get the registration number and date. This test will be used as a guide only and will not limit the applicant to a specific program.
  • You must fill in all required data with precision. Any error eliminates the right of admission.
  • There are three steps to successfully complete and submit your application which are: filling the registration form then a page to review the accuracy of the entered information and last a page to confirm recieving your application successfully and provide you with a registration number.
  • Make sure the mobile number you entred is accurate so the result can reach you directly.

After sorting the applicants data, a message (sms) will be sent on the applicant's mobile number with the date of the interview. he will be excluded if he didn't come on the selected date. 

Final Acceptance results and receiving applicants' documents:

Accepting admitted applicants' documents will be at the Student Affairs Office of the Institute (In Bahrah). To know our Location Click Here).

We will announce the Acceptance results in one of the following means:

  • The institute website:
  • Through an e-mail to the email submitted on the application.
  • Through an sms to the mobile number given in the application. mobile number given in the application.

Accaptance will be cancelled for the applicants who didnt submit the original documents on the date specified in the acceptance announcement

Documents Required Once Accepted:

  • A clear larg copy of the national identity card (ID card) with the original for matching.
  • The original highschool certificate. 
  • The original certificate of good conduct. 
  • Four recent color photo size 4 × 6 cm (white background).
For Inquiries, please contact the Department of Student Affairs from 9 o'clock am to 4 o'clock pm Sunday to Thursday:
Institute no. : 966 12 5912662       Ext:  7788 or 7111
or send your inquiry to the e-mail :

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